Did you know?

Pet owners spend about 2 billion dollars on treats per year!! It is difficult to pick out the right treat these days with advancements in marketing and nutrition research in pets. We are here to help you pick a good healthy nutritious treat for your pet!

What to look for in the perfect treats:

1. Nutrition.Tartar Shield

A treat that is nutritious and offers a health benefit (joint or dental treats). Avoid junk food or other options that have no nutritional value such as table scrapes, rawhides, chewy chunks, pig ears.

2. Counting the calories.

Your veterinarian can determine your pets’ daily calorie intake need, by calculating your pets RER, or Resting Energy Requirement. In active or working pets, this number will be higher; in indoor, less active pets, this number will be lower. Treats calories should be included in your pets daily RER!

Hills Treats3. Number of Treats.

Keep an eye on how many treats per day you are giving. Your veterinarian can help you determine this number.
4. Low-Calorie Treats.

If you have already reach your pets caloric intake for the day, try offering low calorie snack like baby carrots, celery, green beans, ice cubes or broccoli.  This will still allow your pet to enjoy a treat, without all the additional calories!

Let us help you find the perfect treat for your pet!

-Dr. Griffin