Pet exercise is a fun way to promote pet health

Pet Zumba or Cross Fit might sound outlandish, but exercise trends that meaningfully impact people also have the potential to affect pets. Sure, it might be awhile before we see a feline Fitbit, but with gadgets like Trakz, it’s only a matter of time. Pet exercise trends are definitely a thing, and we’re happy they play a role in helping the animals we know and love achieve optimal weight, wellness, and happiness.

Try It, Don’t Fight It

Yoga is already a huge industry, so it’s hard to imagine that it could benefit from a revamp. However, yoga with animals, such as cats, dogs, birds, goats, horses, and more, has exploded around the country. Animals bring a new sense of exploration, playfulness, and lightness to any class. In turn, pets are rewarded with a deeper connection to people.

Hit the Gym

Doggie daycares (like AMH DAY Camp), gyms, and play parks are also sweeping the nation. Since we tend to go somewhere else to exercise, why shouldn’t our pets? They can workout in an upscale fitness center while you’re at work or running errands.

Alternatively, a new pet exercise trend involves going to their owner’s gym for a double workout. Lots of facilities are welcoming dogs to join their owners so everyone wins! This might involve treadmill running, stair climbing, and even swimming.

Beyond the Walk

Maintaining your dog’s daily walk is important, but sometimes, you need to shake things up. Try taking your dog to a new place so they can experience different sights and scents. Maybe consider hiking or mountain biking (just be sure their leash skills are up to snuff).

Creative Pet Exercise

Sometimes, pets lead us to new things without even trying. Take, for instance, the pet who tries experimenting on the trampoline in the backyard, only to find out they love bouncing with the kids! Perhaps your pet will go crazy for a flashlight, lasers, or bubbles? The fact is, there are loads of new and improved pet exercise trends just waiting to be discovered.

You might even try to create an individualized agility course for your pet. Whether it’s set up indoors or outside your home, this is a great way to strengthen your dog’s mind and body.

Choose Your Own Adventure

A daily pet exercise program is not only crucial to overall health, but it creates an opportunity to strengthen your mutual regard and affection. If you ever have any questions about the types of workouts your pet should or shouldn’t tackle due to certain health concerns, please let us know.