!utdoor pet fun and safety makes summer fun with petsCharlotte is known as an exceptionally dog-friendly city, which means there are loads of opportunities to have fun with your pet this season. From splashing around to lounging on a patio, the team at Animal Medical Hospital wants to share some of our suggestions for outdoor pet fun and safety.

Keeping Outdoor Pet Fun and Safety in Mind

As with all new endeavors, consider your pet’s safety from the beginning. Heading outdoors with your dog is usually about exercise, so the first step is to make sure they’re in good health. The best way to achieve this is by scheduling a preventive care exam. We can also discuss the best way to ease them into a new sport or activity.

Remember that hot weather can put your pet at risk of heatstroke. To avoid an emergency, it’s best to restrict exercise to early morning or dusk. Make sure to always provide access to plenty of fresh, cool water. If your dog sits down, seeks shade, or generally doesn’t display any interest in an activity, don’t push them to do anything. Most importantly, if your dog exhibits any signs of heatstroke, contact us immediately.  

Tips for Outdoor Pet Fun and Safety

Fresh air can do wonders for both you and your pet. Step outside with these activities and unleash the benefits of the great outdoors!

Schedule a playdate. Socializing with other dogs can be great for your dog’s social skills, as well as their physical fitness. Just be sure to supervise and to offer plenty of water.

Take a hike. A walk around the neighborhood is fun, but there’s nothing like hitting the trails with your dog. Make sure the trail you select is dog-friendly and that your canine has adequate parasite prevention in place. Bring water for both of you, a collapsible bowl, and poop bags. Need help selecting a trail? Check out Hike With Your Dog.

Get active. There are multiple dog sports out there, and many of them are active in our area. Consider what your dog naturally enjoys. If they’re ball obsessed, try flyball. Do they herd your kids around the yard? Check out local herding classes. Whatever you try, just remember to start slow, and watch for soreness and stiffness after a big workout.

Consider water play. Does your dog love the water? Consider a game of water fetch with a floating toy. You can also take your dog for a swim, just make sure they can actually swim first (really!). Also consider a Coast Guard-approved life vest if they’ll be in deep water or strong currents.

Grab a bite to eat. Okay, we know this isn’t exercise, but after a long day outside playing, there’s nothing better than dining al fresco with your best pal. Many of Charlotte’s cafes, beer gardens, and restaurants are dog-friendly, so it shouldn’t be too hard coming up with some good options!

Need more ideas and tips for outdoor pet fun and safety? Give us a call!