Veterinary care for cats keep our feline friends happy and healthy.Cats are amazing creatures. When you stop and think about it, biologically and evolutionarily we are sharing our homes with tiny and ferocious tigers. (It just so happens they also are obsessed with hunting down that relentless red light from the laser pointer).

Because cats are very much still wired like wild animals, it can make caring for them complicated. This means, though, that good preventative care is even more important for them. At Animal Medical Hospital, we partner with our pet parents to prioritize veterinary care for cats and keep Leo’s inner Lion as fierce as ever.

Veterinary Care for Cats

In order to keep our feline friends happy and healthy, a proactive approach is required. Preventing illness and disease where possible and detecting trouble early in its course are the cornerstones of modern veterinary medicine. So how can you accomplish this for your pet?

Visit early and often – We recommend that cats visit us at least annually. Pets who are seniors or have other health concerns may need to visit even more often. Routine wellness exams help us to have a better understanding of your cat, his or her needs, and any special concerns. It also gives us the opportunity of recognizing a problem far before it becomes serious.

Follow recommendations – Our pet experts may recommend certain vaccines or parasite preventatives based on your pet’s risk factors. These things are intended to protect your pet and are important to consider.

Tests aren’t just for sick pets – Many times screening tests such a fecal parasite screens, routine blood and urine testing, and tests for infectious diseases such as feline leukemia are important for maintaining a healthy kitty.

Provide good dental care – Most cats are not avid tooth brushers and may experience periodontal disease, gingivitis, and other dental issues. Our feline patients deserve proper dental care to help maintain a good quality of life.

You are what you eat – We are happy to help you select a good diet for your cat as well as formulate a plan to support a healthy body weight.

Spay and neuter is where it’s at — Spaying or neutering your cat helps to prevent health and behavioral issues that can make your relationship less enjoyable.

You play an enormous role in keeping your cat as healthy as possible. Until our feline friends figure out how to Uber to us voluntarily, they are relying on you to be sure they get in for the care they need.

Feline Challenges

Even if you an advocate for providing good veterinary care for cats, it isn’t always easy to accomplish.

Cats are masters at hiding sickness. They are much more subtle than other species when it comes to letting us know when they need help. It is important to be on the lookout for less than obvious signs that something is wrong. This is also why it is so important to bring your cat to us for wellness visits. A decrease in body weight, a change in coat quality, or something new on abdominal palpation may tip us off that something is amiss.

Another reason many people don’t bring their pets in for regular visits is that getting your cat to the vet isn’t always easy. Cats tend to dislike carriers, car trips, and unfamiliar places, making the whole event a bit stressful for all involved.  We can combat this, though, by:

  • Making efforts to get your cat used to her carrier
  • Helping your pet to feel safe and secure in a carrier that is covered
  • Not swinging or moving the carrier erratically
  • Utilizing products like Feliway to help your cat feel safer
  • Alerting us to the fact that your cat may be stressed
  • Allowing your cat to come out of the carrier at his own pace
  • Bringing along special toys or treats that she may enjoy

Getting your cat in to see us can be difficult, but with a little effort and planning it doesn’t need to be so stressful. In some situations we can even provide anti-anxiety medications to help things go more smoothly.

We want to help keep your ferocious feline healthy, and good veterinary care for cats is an important part in making this happen. Call us today to get started on the path to wellness for your pet. Your cat is counting on you!