While every life stage has its own unique advantages, a pet’s golden years are likely to be some of the best. They graduated from housebreaking long ago, they know exactly what makes them happy and comfortable, and they provide a calming, supportive presence to any household lucky enough to have them. 

There are loads of other reasons to adopt a senior pet, and your friends at Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care have a few we can share from experience.

Beyond Cute

Puppies and kittens typically get all the attention in shelters. Unfortunately, senior pets are less likely to be sought out by prospective pet owners. Of course, younger animals are cute and playful. But they require a great deal more training and time to become co-habitants of the household. Many adults and senior pets have already been trained and have lots of love to give those that rescue them.

You Get What You Get

When you adopt a senior pet, there are fewer surprises than when you adopt a younger animal. They are full grown, their temperament and personality are established, and there may be medical records that show a lifetime of medical history. 

Alternatively, younger pets  hold their wild cards close, and you don’t know exactly what you’ve got until down the road.

About Training

Some older pets enter shelters after an owner’s death. Arriving there for no fault of their own, they may have been fully cared for and trained prior to current circumstances. This means they can acclimate to your home with relative ease, and could learn various new commands and even a few new tricks! 

That said, however, all pets can learn new things at any point in their lives. Contrary to popular belief, you can definitely teach an “old dog” new tricks! Plus, you’ll see when you adopt a senior pet that they are usually more calm, less distracted, and ready to learn. 

Age Appropriate

It’s been proven that pets are good for older folks. Caring for a pet gives them new purpose, lowers blood pressure, and decreases stress. However, providing for the demands of a young, energetic animal can be too much for the elderly.

When seniors adopt a senior pet, they are given a chance to socialize with others and be more physically active – without the high maintenance and training that younger animals require.

Adopt a Senior Pet!

Sweet seniors are wonderful additions to any home. Regardless of age, bringing home a pet is a huge responsibility. It may be a concern to some owners that a newly adopted senior pet may not live as long as a younger one. That’s why we advocate for routine senior wellness care. To stay in front of age-related illness, pets age 7 and above should be seen two exams a year. 

The Right Fit

If you have further questions or concerns about whether to adopt a senior pet, our team is always here for you.