We may love our pets, but we don’t always love cleaning up after them. Sadly, there is no poop-fairy; so cleaning up pet messes is a crucial part of responsible dog ownership. Scooping the poop not only makes us a good neighbor, it protects the environment and minimizes the spread of disease. 

Follow along as Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care shows you how to take care of business.

A Stinky Situation

With over 89 million dogs in the United States, you can imagine what would happen if none of us cleaned up after them. It’s a serious situation – and a stinky one – for the following reasons:

Dog waste is an environmental pollutant – As innocuous as it may seem, dog poop that enters our waterways is a major pollutant. And it’s a reason beaches and other natural areas have been closed recently, due to bacterial contamination. Stormwater runoff easily carries uncollected dog poop (and the contaminants it contains) directly to our beaches and waterways. 

It can make people sick – Dog poop can contain bacteria and parasites that cause illness in those who come in contact with it. Children are especially susceptible as they often play on the ground and are relatively indiscriminate when putting things into their mouths. 

It doesn’t just disappear – Bacteria, worms, and parasites thrive in dog poop. Roundworm is a common parasite living in dog poop, and it can live in the soil and environment for years. Even if you can’t see the dog poop, the effects of leaving it on the ground are still there. 

It’s not fertilizer – Unlike herbivores, dogs eat largely meat products. This makes their poop unsuitable for soil improvement and can actually deplete the soil of vital nutrients needed for plant life. 

Rodents love dog poop – Dog poop is a major food source for rats and other rodents in urban areas. Leaving dog poop behind attracts these pests to our backyards and homes. It goes without saying that rodents are unwelcome guests in any neighborhood.

The yuck factor – Nothing ruins a backyard barbeque or neighborhood walk faster than stepping in dog poop. Don’t be the one who leaves a mess for others to deal with. Best manners dictate that we scoop the poop of our furry friends.

Scooping The Poop

The easiest way to make sure we are scooping the poop on a regular basis is to carry poop disposal bags wherever we go. Stash some in your car’s trunk, your stroller caddy, and of course right on your dog’s leash. Some parks and public places have pet waste bag dispensers, but you don’t want to get caught without them so it’s safest to carry your own. 

For home clean up, invest in a can and a poop clean up kit. Commit to cleaning up daily, or hire a poop cleaning service to do it for you. Either way, you’ll leave your own yard as well as the environment much cleaner for you, your neighbors and your dog.

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