A cat reaching out for a cat toy

When it comes to cats, you never know what their reaction will be. You could present them with a lifetime supply of tuna treats (you know, the ones they begged for yesterday), and instead of rewarding you with extra affection your cat won’t even look at you. Alternatively, you might have a stack of boxes intended for the recycling only to have them bounce with feline felicity at the mere sight. 

Indeed, cats are unceasingly unpredictable, a fact that makes choosing toys for them an exercise in futility. But wait: what about DIY cat toys?

Encouraging Play in Cats

Cats love to play, and when they run, hide, and pouce, they are tuning into their predatory instincts. Without mental and physical stimulation every single day, cats can become bored, depressed, and prone to weight gain. To keep your cat happy and healthy, they should be engaged in play at least 30 minutes daily.

Keeping It Safe

Many cats, kittens especially, will find mundane, household objects interesting, like finding the seal from the creamer carton on the floor, or flicking around rubber bands. This may not seem harmful, but it’s best not to encourage them to play with found objects. Sure, they like it and it’s cost effective, but toys specifically designed for cats are a much safer choice.

What to Avoid

When making your DIY cat toys, keep in mind that the following items can present choking hazards, GI obstructions, and other health risks:

  • String
  • Ribbon
  • Yarn
  • Rubber bands
  • Hair ties
  • Feathers
  • Googly eyes or other accessories/adornments
  • Plush filling
  • Beads
  • Jingly bells

If you ever have any doubts about what your cat plays with, simply remove it and offer a safe one instead. Also, be sure to rotate your cat’s toys to prevent boredom, and don’t leave their toys out while you’re away from home.

The Best DIY Cat Toys

Incredibly, there are so many ideas online for DIY cat toys. Part of that is because every cat is unique, and the toys available commercially don’t hold appeal just for them. It can also be frustrating to buy a bunch of toys that don’t get played with, only to find them years later beneath the furniture. 

To save a little money (and facilitate a fun, creative outlet), try these super fun, safe DIY cat toys:

Your Cat’s Wellness

Cat owners have the opportunity to truly enrich their cat’s environment with DIY cat toys. You might not hit home runs every time, but as you learn what your cat likes you can continue to create toys just for them. The health of an indoor-only cat depends on a varied and interesting homelife, and if you have further questions about DIY cat toys, please let us know

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