Two cats playing in a living room

Hey all you cool cats and kittens, are you on the hunt for the best and latest for your feline family? 

Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care is always on the lookout for new and interesting pet purchases, and lately, a few cool cat products have definitely caught our eye. 

Redefine Feeding Your Cat

Feeding your cat has never been better. As we come to understand more and more about feline behavior, we are realizing that the more you naturally stimulate a cat’s natural instincts to hunt and kill prey, the better. Cats who are able to “hunt” are typically more fit and less apt to display behavioral issues.

You can engage a cat’s hunting drive through toys, but we love products that allow indoor cats to hunt for their actual meals. Indoor hunting feeders like the Doc & Phoebe’s Feeding System speak to your cat’s inner tiger.  

Get Vertical

Adding vertical space to your cat’s environment is a great way to enrich and entertain. Cats love to explore, and they naturally like to go up in order to survey their territory and stay safe. 

There are lots of easy ways that you can introduce more vertical space to your home. Cat trees and wall mounted shelves can add a lot to your cat’s space. 

If you are feeling particularly fancy, we love the aesthetics of CatastrophiCreations wall mounted cat furniture. You can design an area that suits your cat and your home. From hammocks to sisal rope scratching areas to hidey holes, this system has it all. 

Cool Cat Products for Sleep and Play

Snoozing is the purr-fered pastime for many cats. When it comes to sleep, we love to keep it simple and appeal to natural feline instincts to curl up in a warm, small, safe area. A snuggly kitty pod such as the ones from Distinctly Himalayan are right up our alley.

But what’s sleep without some play time? While a crumpled up ball of paper or a feather lure may keep your kitty busy for hours, there are lots of cool cat products out there when it comes to play. We particularly get excited about interactive toys because there are only so many hours in the day to aim the laser pointer. Toys like the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit are sure to keep kitty engaged for hours. 

Banish the Litter Box Blues

Last, but definitely not least, we love the idea of some of the newer generations of the litter box. If you follow the rules to have one litter box per cat plus one, you may have a lot of boxes to scoop. Some cats are very particular about this and many are not into using a soiled box. This can make litter maintenance a full time job. 

Enter products like Litter Robot 3. These space age boxes use motion detection to clean the litter box a few minutes after your cat vacates it. This ensures clean, fresh litter at all times. The Connect version even offers an app for your phone to monitor how frequently kitty is visiting the box and to let you know when the concealed waste tray is full. How’s that for modern living?

It’s never been a better time to be a house cat. With a better understanding of feline needs and behavior and modern technology, the possibilities are endless. Do you have a favorite cat product? Be sure to share with us!