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Whether you recently adopted a furry, fuzzy, feathered, or scaled friend, or you’ve proudly ushered your pet through to their golden years, you’re probably pretty glad they’re around. Sure, they may not always be on their best behavior (it’s all relative!), but they are there for you whenever you return home, and are never far from your side. 

Constant companions, ever watchful and always in tune, pets give us so many reasons to appreciate life. As we approach the holidays, you may be taking stock of your blessings, and the many reasons why you’re thankful for your pet.

Life Worth Living

Dogs are pretty famous for helping their owners live healthier lives. They get us to go outside, encourage us to enjoy a walk around the park, and facilitate meeting other people. In these ways, pets reduce our stress, keep us fit, and help us connect to nature and other people.

Not to be outdone by those lucky canines, indoor-only cats, pocket pets, exotics, and birds also provide compelling reasons to love life. They make sure we’re never lonely, offer constant companionship and feelings of security, and lift our spirits every day.

Who’s a Funny Pet?

Another reason to be thankful for your pet is the simple fact that they make you laugh. Even reserved animals tend to do things that are silly, whimsical, or quite frankly, illogical. We love simply watching pets be themselves, and look forward to quiet moments in which they aren’t self-conscious or hyper-aware of being observed. That’s when the true magic happens!


On a similar note, you can be thankful for your pet because they demonstrate how to be non-judgemental and self-accepting. They don’t care if/when you wear sweatpants all day (every day), they’d probably be happy to do the same if they could! 

They’ll still have opinions about how often they go for a ride or run (or something else), but otherwise, they are content to just…be. Not unlike living with a zen master, pets also demonstrate how to live in the moment.

A Lesson in Impermanence

Pets bring so much value to our lives, but their lifespans are drastically different than ours. This means that we adopt pets and love them throughout their entire lives with the knowledge that we’ll probably have to say goodbye to them before we’re ready. This lesson on how short life is can also help us to better understand its beauty and meaning.

We’re Also Thankful for Your Pet

The list of reasons to be thankful for your pet could go on and on. We are also really thankful for your pet and the chance to see and treat them. They make a difference in our lives.

We hope this helps you fully appreciate your furry friend. Please contact us with any questions or concerns. We’re always here for you at Animal Medical Hospital.