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There are many instances when traveling with a pet may not be safe nor suitable for them. Senior or geriatric pets often have a number of health conditions or limitations that make travel unsafe and unhappy for them. Yet, boarding with a standard kennel or pet resort is also unwise, because many of them cannot give the direct support and attention as medical boarding can.  

The team at Animal Medical Hospital and 24 Hour Urgent Care is here to explain why medical boarding is in our beloved senior pets’ best interests.

4 Great Reasons to Rely on Medical Boarding for Elderly Pets

It’s hard to be away from a beloved pet, so it is natural to worry about your pet’s care when you are gone. Senior pets who have disabilities, such as vision loss, changes to mobility, deafness, or cognition issues, add more complexity of how they are cared for. In order to have peace of mind while away, here are some excellent reasons to board your pet with your veterinary clinic. 

  1. On-Site Medical Care – Many senior pets are on certain medications or have health conditions that require attention, such as limited mobility, incontinence, and so on. Since our veterinarians, technicians, and veterinary assistants are here on location, you can be sure your pet is getting the skillful attention they need to stay healthy. Rather than rely on a pet sitter, who probably has no or very little training, we offer round the clock medical care to monitor your furry one and keep them safe, as well as address any health issues they have that require above and beyond standard care.
  2. Less Stressful – When you choose to rely on us for medical boarding for your pet, we ensure that our sweet guests have a calm, relaxed, and comfortable stay in our ICU. Regular boarding facilities are often cramped, loud, and chaotic. Senior pets experience greater stress in those environments and stress can impact overall health. We ensure a great experience and address any anxiety or stress your pet may be facing.
  3. Quality Interaction – We personalize your pet’s exercise and activity to their level of energy and health. You can be sure that our caring staff provides attention and interaction with your pet, including taking them out of their kennel for exercise and fresh air. Medical boarding is located in the ICU portion of our hospital, so your pet will receive plenty of love and playtime with our 24-hour staffed facility.
  4. Add-On Services – As a full service animal hospital, we can provide for your pet’s other needs while they are in our care. This might include nail trims, grooming or complete spa services, wellness checkups, and vaccinations. This is a convenient way to combine services, so that you don’t have to make additional appointments.

When you choose medical boarding at our hospital, we will thoroughly cover all of your pet’s medical history, medications, and behavior/emotional health. We will  tailor our kennel care to your pet’s needs and your specifications for them. 

We invite you to learn more about medical boarding with us by contacting our team. We are more than happy to answer all of your questions, so you gain confidence in knowing your pet will be in good hands here.