A person carries their cat in a cat carrier.

A common quandary facing pet owners is what to do with their pets when they leave town. There are many pros and cons to measure, and careful consideration of all of a pet’s needs is necessary before deciding. Hiring a pet sitter is the preference of many, especially if there aren’t specific or intensive care requirements. Owners can also choose between dozens of reputable boarding facilities that offer grooming, play time, and other enrichment opportunities. 

However, for a pet with specific health care needs there is no match for medical boarding.

Always Here, Watching

It is hard enough to leave a healthy pet behind if you have to travel. But, a pet that depends on you for timed doses of medication, or one that suffers anxiety, can be even more difficult to leave.

When you make your pet’s reservation with our medical boarding team, you can breathe easy knowing that all of their medication will be dispensed carefully and on time. Furthermore, any chronic conditions will be monitored and supported for the entire length of their stay. 

Bridging the Gap

When your pet needs more specialized care than a traditional boarding facility can provide, our medical boarding team is here to help. Your pet receives the best care from our hospital, paired with the best of our boarding suites. Each pet receives individualized care and support, in addition to daily exercise, attention, and socialization (if applicable). 

Their Health, Our Success

Special needs patients and those that depend on daily medications are our speciality. Whether your pet has skin allergies, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, urinary issues, or a seizure disorder, we understand the importance of following a strict medication regimen.

Without an adherence to a daily medication schedule, a pet may feel unnecessary pain, itching, or discomfort. Also, because some medications are vital to regulating bodily functions, like blood pressure or hormone release, proper timing is essential. 

The Reality of Medical Boarding

There are some incredible pet boarding facilities out there that maximize every opportunity to earn repeat business. To find the right one for your pet, it’s important to ask around. Only follow through with recommendations from people you trust. The truth is, there are boarding facilities out there that don’t go the extra mile for their guests and place them at risk of disease, trauma, and behavioral problems. 

Medical boarding, on the other hand, ensures that every aspect of your pet’s health, wellness, and safety are carefully and promptly tended to. This is especially important when a pet needs specialized care such as medications or behavioral support. 

Here For Your Pet 24/7

Our veterinarians and responsive, compassionate team members at Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care are here for you and your pet all day, every day.