Pet emergency.

It can be hard to know whether your pet needs emergency attention or if it can wait until the morning. With pet emergency hospitals such as at Animal Medical Hospital & 24 Hour Urgent Care being busier than ever, it is helpful for pet parents to have a good understanding as to when to bring their animal in immediately and when to wait for an appointment. 

Things That Are Urgent

Most of the time when a pet is sick or injured, their caregivers first reach out to their primary veterinarian. Sometimes that happens over a weekend or a holiday, or late at night when their primary vet is closed.

Larger veterinary hospitals such as ours can offer services at times when other veterinary clinics may not be open. This is wonderful when you have an urgent matter that cannot wait until your regular veterinarian is back in the office.

Some examples of problems that are perfect as urgent care visits include:

  • Coughing
  • Sneezing or other upper respiratory symptoms
  • Eye problems
  • Not eating/drinking well
  • Lameness or limping
  • Ear or skin infections
  • Hives
  • Anal gland problems

Anything that causes your pet pain or discomfort needs to be addressed urgently. Urgent pet care can often be accomplished on an outpatient basis. Our expert veterinarians are able to help pets with urgent needs thanks to our in-house lab and diagnostic capabilities and pharmacy. 

When to Call an Emergency Vet

Just as in human medicine, some problems are true emergencies. An emergency is something that may become life threatening if not addressed immediately. 

Knowing what things are pet emergencies can help you to determine when to call an emergency vet. Examples include:

  • Known toxin ingestion
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Active seizure
  • Vaccine reaction
  • Trauma such as a dog fight or hit by car
  • Active bleeding
  • An obvious broken bone
  • Loss of consciousness or lack of responsiveness
  • Trouble urinating
  • Unproductive retching
  • Trouble giving birth

Pet emergencies often require advanced medical and surgical care and may need overnight hospitalization. Animal Medical Center & 24 Hour Urgent Care has advanced capabilities in our intensive care unit. Emergent pets who might need things like oxygen support, blood transfusions, feeding tubes, advanced pain management, or intensive monitoring are in good hands with our capable staff

Some problems can wait, but it is never wrong to have your pet examined if you are not sure. Animals can’t always advocate for themselves, and most issues are best if addressed right away. Contact us if  you have any concerns about your four-legged family member. They are counting on you for help.