Pet daycare.

Your pet may have accepted that they must endure some daytime hours all by themselves, but that doesn’t mean they wouldn’t enjoy a wonderful alternative. Most pets manage okay, but some pets do not do well on their own. Pet daycare is a worthwhile option for pets to engage with others in exciting and enriching ways. When you pick them up after 6 full hours of non-stop fun, they are ready to relax with you at home.

They Get Their Kicks

Whether you’ve experienced it first hand or simply heard horror stories, pets left to their own devices for long stretches of time can get into some serious trouble. They might go to the bathroom indoors, destroy furniture, eat foods not intended for them, or bark or whine excessively. 

Be the Best

Due to work and social obligations, many pets aren’t given ample opportunities to run, play, and socialize during the day.  Without the chance to fully express their exuberance and energy, pets suffer. Pet daycare is designed to meet the needs of all ages and breeds, and provides numerous benefits.

Our day camp requires that dogs be at least 16 weeks old and have completed the fourth round of puppy vaccines to participate. This keeps all of our guests as safe and healthy as possible. 

Pet Daycare Pros

Pet daycare satisfies a pet’s needs for socialization, entertainment, and of course, exercise. When you book a day camp session with us, we provide structure to your pet’s day, and a safe chance for them to play and engage with others. If they don’t feel like zipping around, they can hang out in our dedicated play-free zone. A little rest or nap may be all they need to get back in the action with their new buddies.

Highly Customized

Every pet is different. Our trained pet counselors pay close attention to animal behavior to gauge what an individual guest might want or need. We take care to separate pets by size, energy levels, and even personality to ensure that every guest has a great time.

Lasting Benefits

Many pets experience stress and anxiety when separated from their owners. This can be very difficult if/when an owner has to leave for work, school, or other appointments. To reduce the symptoms of separation anxiety, pet daycare can keep them busy, distracted, and best of all, safe. 

If your pet isn’t totally accustomed to being in the presence of other pets, pet daycare gives them the skills necessary to navigate social interactions. It can take some time for all guests to relax, but it is well worth the wait. The end result is a happy, trusting, confident pet fully prepared to handle a variety of other animals and people.

Keep Going

A huge bonus to scheduling daycare sessions with us is that we can address any medical problems during your pet’s stay with us. If they happen to get sick or injured while on-site, we can intervene and treat them rapidly

Our pet day camp is open every day, but space is limited. We recommend making reservations in advance. Please call us at (704) 334-4684 with any questions about boarding programs, or if you’d like to schedule an evaluation. Animal Medical Hospital and 24-Hour Urgent Care is always here for you.