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Canine Boarding at Camp AMH: Pet Resort Services Above & Beyond

Camp AMH is open 7 days a week, from 7 am until 8 pm, and we have veterinary staff on duty 24 hours a day!

Canine Boarding

At Camp AMH, we offer multiple options and a la carte services to meet the needs of your dog.

Initial Evaluation – Always free. Bring your pet in to meet our Pet Counselors and discuss your pet’s needs and desires. We will be able to determine whether your dog is a match for our Play Groups packages.

Primary Canine Camper

Includes two 10-15 minute recesses per day, a private cabin or suite, personal cot, bedding and meal service.

  • 0-25 pounds $35.05/night
  • 26-45 pounds $38.40/night
  • 46+ pounds $41.50/night
  • Solo Recess $46.90/night

Primary Plus Canine Camper

Includes Primary Canine Camper amenities as well as an additional mid-day, 10-15 minute recess.

  • 0-25 pounds $42.50/night
  • 26-45 pounds $45.85/night
  • 46+ pounds $48.95/night
  • Solo Recess $54.35/night

Premier Canine Camper

Includes Primary Canine Camper amenities as well as a 90 minute mid-day play group. Note: this package is only available for altered dogs that have passed an evaluation.

  • 0-25 pounds $53.05/night
  • 26-45 pounds $56.40/night
  • 46+ pounds $59.50/night

A La Carte Services

  • $11.35/dayBoarder Daily Brushing – 15 minutes of brushing daily while your pet is here in boarding to help avoid matting. Includes wiping of the eyes.
  • $2.35/dayDaily Eye Wiping – Each day, a Pet Counselor will wipe the discharge from the corners of your dog's eyes.
  • $3.35/dayDaily Paw Treatment – Our paw balm is specially formulated to heal rough, chapped, dry dog paw pads.
  • $3.35/dayDaily Nose Treatment – Our nose balm helps to prevent and soothe painful, dry, crusty, chapped, cracked and bleeding dog noses.
  • $8.50/nightTurn Down Service – Personalized attention and a night cap treat for your furry friend.
  • $13.95/dayThe Works – Includes daily brushing, wiping of the eyes, and a daily application of both paw and nose treatments.

A 10% sharing discount is available for a second dog of the same family that boards in the same cabin or suite. Sharing discount is not available for Solo Recess dogs or dogs that must be separated when fed. Solo Recess is available for dog aggressive dogs only.

Additional Services

If your dog is coming due for any wellness services, we can schedule an appointment with one of our veterinarians to have those taken care of while he or she is staying with us!

To schedule your pet's visit to Camp AMH, please call us at (704) 334-4684.

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Canine Boarding

"First and foremost my pets love the staff and I believe that they are very comfortable at your hospital which puts me at ease. I would recommend you to my friends because you ALL are professional and very personable!"