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Keep Your Pet Safe and Found with Microchip ID Services

Microchip implants are a safe and reliable way to improve the chances of recovering a lost pet.

pet identification and microchipping

One of the most frightening experiences a pet owner can have is losing a pet. Statistics indicate that one out of three pets will become lost in their lifetime, and 90% of lost pets never find their way home because they have no identification. An even scarier statistic is that 30-60% of those pets will be euthanized at animal shelters because they have no identification. Collars and nametags can be helpful in recovering a lost pet, but because they are external they can be removed or lost. The permanent way to secure your pet’s identification is with a microchip implant.

Microchip implants are a safe and reliable way to improve the chances of recovering a lost pet. This technology allows your pet to carry indispensable identification and contact information on a device the size of a grain of rice. During an office call, the chips are quickly and easily implanted under the skin and remain as a permanent means to identify your pet if lost. Microchips can also be placed while your pet is under anesthesia during a spay or neuter procedure. Veterinarians and animal shelters routinely scan recovered animals for microchips, contacting owners of lost pets using the contact information the chips contain.

By implanting a microchip at your pet’s next visit, we are helping to improve the chances of your pet being returned home. We register the pet for the owner — this is included in our microchipping fee.

"We have been coming to Animal Medical Hospital since 1984, almost the very beginning of the establishment of this hospital and feel this is an excellent place to have our canine companions cared for. We also like the fact that there are 24/7 hours in case of an emergency. Everyone that works there is doing an excellent job."

— Anonymous