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A dog and cat cuddling

Diagnostic Imaging

A digital x-ray

Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care is fully outfitted with diagnostic equipment that helps us diagnose health issues in your pets so we can find the correct treatment options. Thanks to diagnostic equipment like EKG, ultrasound, digital radiology, and the resources of our in-house laboratory, we can offer rapid and precise diagnoses.

A dog being x-rayed

Digital Radiography

The team at Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care considers the use of digital radiography technology as a critical tool in modern diagnostic procedures. We use radiographs, which are commonly known as X-rays, to evaluate injuries and conditions that require more than external examination. Radiology equipment gives us a noninvasive way to observe your pet’s internal physiology so that we can provide a more thorough and accurate diagnosis. Our veterinarians use radiographs to detect bone fractures, bladder stones, tumors, soft tissue problems (those related to the heart, stomach, intestines, reproductive, and urinary systems), as well as to locate swallowed foreign objects such as toys or rocks.

The imaging procedure is completely painless and can be performed on calm and cooperative pets without sedation. Your veterinarian may administer a sedative or general anesthesia in cases where a dog or cat has trouble becoming fully relaxed.

An x-ray of a dog's abdomen

Common reasons to get imaging done:

  • Diagnosis of fractures
  • Evaluation of joint diseases
  • Detection of foreign objects
  • Assessment of organ size and shape
  • Identification of tumors and masses
  • Evaluation of respiratory conditions
  • Assessment of dental health
  • Examination of the gastrointestinal system
  • Monitoring the progress of treatment
  • Pre-operative planning

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