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Pamper Your Pet with our AMH Spa & Grooming Services

Should your pet require special care, we are skilled at treating skin disorders topically through the use of medicated shampoos.

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A positive bathing and grooming experience results in your pet feeling happy and looking great! Pamper your pet with a day at our AMH Spa.

Wellness begins with maintaining the skin and coat, and regular grooming and bathing is a key component in your pet’s health and well-being. Pets are more likely to be healthy and happy if they are kept clean and well groomed.

One of the benefits of a regular bathing and/or grooming appointment is that we become familiar with your pet’s body, allowing us to recognize developing problems before they escalate. Between wellness visits, grooming and bathing professionals are often able to identify such conditions as parasite infestations, skin lesions under the coat, allergies, tenderness, swelling or lumps, and various conditions that manifest by changes in coat condition.

The Grooming and Bathing Experience

We treat our clients to all of the amenities the AMH Spa has to offer, such as:

  • The Hydro-Surge, which cleans deep down while massaging the entire coat
  • A luxurious conditioner to render the coat glossy and silky smooth
  • Our fluff and dry service, done carefully—by hand—with a personal dryer

Our Spa Professionals make a careful head-to-toe assessment of your pet, looking for any skin-related medical problems such as fleas, ticks, and hotspots. In addition, we locate and remove any mats from your pet’s coat prior to bathing. The overall health and wellbeing of each animal is paramount at AMH Spa.

Our highly trained professionals focus on comprehensive care while offering a relaxing experience for your pet. At the AMH Spa, our grooming and bathing service includes:

  • Cleaning the ears
  • Expressing the anal glands
  • Trimming the nails
  • Brushing out loose or shedding hair
  • Applying cologne or fragrance, upon request

Medicated Baths

Should your pet require special care, we are skilled at treating skin disorders topically through the use of medicated shampoos. This simple and soothing procedure is safe and beneficial and can be advantageous when treating such problems as dermatitis, mange, or yeast infections, and may be quite successful in controlling dander and seborrhea.

A Note About Sedation

There are some situations where your dog or cat may need to be sedated to ensure the safety of both your pet and the grooming and bathing professionals. Our AMH Spa team members work with a veterinarian and technician to ensure the safety of your pet while under sedation. There is an additional fee for sedation while receiving AMH Spa services—please contact us with any questions about sedation or if you believe your pet may benefit from this intervention.

Appointments for AMH Spa services are available Monday through Saturday. We offer bathing for our boarded pets on Sundays, as well.

Our commitment to quality and special attention to detail, results in an expert finish and a positive grooming experience for every client. Remember, too, that every pet bathed and groomed at the AMH Spa receives our 100% flea-free guarantee!

To schedule your pet’s visit to the AMH Spa, please call us at (704) 334-4684(704) 334-4684.

"I love this office and I feel that my questions and my cat’s needs are always well met by the friendly and professional staff."