pest control products

There’s no shortage of bug killers out there. Step into any home improvement store and you’ll find them in such variety you might easily assume you’ll never again have problems with spiders, mosquitoes, wasps, ants, rodents or any other pests. 

Unfortunately, many of the commercially available pest control products are incredibly toxic to pets. The good news is that there are ways you can enforce pet safe pest control at home. Your pet’s safety is assured and you can live without pests, too!

Space Invaders

Bugs have a way of, well, bugging us. They drive us crazy but they also spread disease, bite, and infiltrate our homes. You want to rid your space of these stinkers but you also want to protect your pet. Without a doubt, reducing or eliminating your pet’s exposure to harmful chemicals is what it’s all about (and it’s safer for the human family members, too!).

Natural Facts

Natural options may not kill pests as quickly as many of the other toxic products, but that doesn’t mean they’re ineffective. 

Dish soap works really well on ants. Simply mix 3 tablespoons of non-toxic dishwasher soap with 16 ounces of hot water. Spray directly on the paths that ants typically use. If you know where the ant hill is, spray it liberally.

Is Natural Always Safe?

Many essential oils can be quite effective as pet safe pest control, but please be advised that they are highly concentrated (and some are also dangerous for use around cats and dogs). 

Heartworm-carrying mosquitoes can be quickly repelled with basil, lemon balm, geraniums, and catnip. Grow these plants in and around your garden, and especially by the back door to your house.

Please, No Fleas!

Pets should be on a monthly parasite preventative medication year round to ward off fleas. You can also rid your home of these pests with the combination of 2 liters of vinegar, 2 liters of warm water. Add 500 mL lemon juice, and 250 mL witch hazel. Spray around the house. 

Dust Mites

You can spray bedding with this great dust mite repellent that employs equal parts of clove, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, peppermint. Combine with a bottle full of warm water and mist around the house. Again, these oils should not be used on or near pets. Only allow your pet to come back inside when the mist has dried.

The Fruit Loop

Fruit flies are everywhere right now. To trap them, place a chopped apple inside of a narrow bottle or bowl. Cover with apple cider vinegar and watch them get trapped. 

Control Flies

Flies are mysteriously repelled by hanging baggies of water. It’s odd, yes, but as one of the best pet safe pest control methods, you just cannot go wrong. 

Pet Safe Pest Control

Ladybugs kill aphids. Nematodes kill fleas, ticks, and other harmful insects. Praying mantises eat all sorts of other pests. It may sound counterintuitive to bring more bugs into your backyard, but these are the good guys.

If you have additional questions or concerns about pet safe pest control methods, we’re always here to help at Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care.