Spotlight on Pet Dental Care: Do Pets Really Need Regular Teeth Cleaning?

Of the many things we check during your pet’s routine wellness exam, the health of their teeth and gums ranks pretty high. Even a brief peek inside gives us a basic understanding of their current oral health – and what the future might bring. Without regular teeth cleaning and at-home pet dental care, the animals we love may face serious health risks.

Committing to the Big Picture

Brushing your pet’s teeth might seem like just another chore you can push to the back burner. This is especially true if your pet is opposed to the activity. However, by introducing the act of brushing in a positive way – and rewarding your pet – they’re more likely to believe this is just another act of love on your part (and it is!).  


Holiday Gifts

It’s the time of year for gift giving, and many people include their pets in this tradition.  Here are some safe, fun suggestions for making Fido and Fluffy part of this holiday season:

  • Personalized ID tags or collars with your contact information on them are a great way to help make sure your pet makes it home if it ever becomes lost.
  • Sign up for doggy daycare a few days a week, obedience classes, or a membership to a local dog park.  The extra exercise and interaction will be much appreciated!
  • Chose an interactive gift such as a treat-dispensing toy or a laser pointer.  Gifts like these will keep them busy for hours on end!
  • Been putting off that dental cleaning? Have you been meaning to buy heartworm prevention for awhile?  While these are not the most fun gifts, chances are that your pet will benefit from them more than that fancy new toy.
  • If you choose to stuff your pet’s stocking with toys and treats, be sure that the treats are enjoyed in moderation and that toys are safe with no small pieces that may be swallowed.  Also, be sure to choose toys and treats that are the appropriate size for your pet.
  • Consider making a donation to a local shelter or rescue.  Chances are your pet already has everything it needs and won’t miss unwrapping a silly toy or treat.  Things like blankets and towels, food, and litter are greatly appreciated by organizations that help animals.