Of the many things we check during your pet’s routine wellness exam, the health of their teeth and gums ranks pretty high. Even a brief peek inside gives us a basic understanding of their current oral health – and what the future might bring. Without regular teeth cleaning and at-home pet dental care, the animals we love may face serious health risks.

Committing to the Big Picture

Brushing your pet’s teeth might seem like just another chore you can push to the back burner. This is especially true if your pet is opposed to the activity. However, by introducing the act of brushing in a positive way – and rewarding your pet – they’re more likely to believe this is just another act of love on your part (and it is!).  

Because You Care

It’s not uncommon to see an accumulation of plaque and tartar on the back molars during a routine wellness exam. If so, we may recommend a professional dental cleaning. To ensure everyone’s safety, all dental procedures are conducted under anesthesia. We take every precaution to ensure the risks of anesthesia are controlled and closely monitored.

A professional cleaning is the best way for us to get a good look inside your pet’s mouth. It’s also the surest way to become aware of any possible problems developing on or around the teeth and gums. The health ramifications associated with poor pet dental care far outweigh any anesthesia-related risks, and we’re happy to discuss our safety measures with you prior to the procedure.

Clear as Day

Digital x-rays offer us an excellent view into what’s going on beneath the gum line, which is where the majority of all pet dental care problems occur. If there’s extensive damage beneath the gums, we’ll develop a treatment plan to halt or reduce the spread of disease.

Speaking of Procedures

Young and adult pets should be seen once a year; senior pets benefit from exams every 6 months. Because the majority of all pets over the age of 2 have some form of dental disease, the more we see your pet, the better off they’ll be.

Some animals can go 3-4 years without a professional teeth cleaning; others must have plaque and tartar removed 1-2 times a year. It all depends on established habits at home and exposure to professional pet dental care throughout life.

Pet Dental Care All Year!

February is National Pet Dental Health month, but due to its influence on a pet’s lifelong health and wellness, we like to celebrate pet dental health all year long. Consequently, we offer a year-round discount to our clients. If dental procedures are necessary after your pet’s routine wellness exam, we deduct 10% from the procedure if scheduled within 30 days.

At Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care , our veterinarians and team members are always here to help. If you have any questions regarding pet dental care, please don’t hesitate to contact us.