pet safetyAh, there’s nothing quite like spring with its beautiful new blossoms, crisp smell of grass, and all the spring break vacation opportunities. What’s not to love?! Spring is also a great time to get bored pets back outside for some outdoor fun.

With this in mind, spring pet safety is a must. Keep reading to learn more about how to prepare for the season ahead with your furry pal.

Easter Pet Safety

Fuzzy chicks, colorful eggs, Easter baskets filled with chocolate bunnies…you know what time it is! For many of us, Easter is a wonderful holiday to celebrate with loved ones. However, some of the highlights of the holiday can also be toxic to our pets. Beware the following pet poisons and make sure your pet is not exposed:

  • Lilies (all varieties are extremely toxic to cats and can cause kidney failure)
  • Amaryllis, daffodils, tulips
  • Candy containing Xylitol (a sugar substitute found in gum and candy)
  • Chocolate
  • Raisin/grapes
  • Macadamia nuts

Other items that can be problematic for our four-leggeds include small toys, which can be choking hazards, and Easter basket grass, which can cause dangerous GI obstructions.

Even if the candy or plants aren’t toxic, it’s still best to keep these items out of your pet’s reach, as they can cause serious stomach upset if ingested.

Lawn and Garden Dangers

Many plants and lawn and garden items can pose dangers to pets, such as pesticides, herbicides, and soil amenders like mulch and plant food.

Try a natural approach to help your garden thrive, such as matching plants that repel insects and mulch with pet-friendly materials.

The list of toxic plants is extensive and includes yew, oleander, mountain laurel, and sago palm. We recommend consulting an online guide to toxic plants or asking us before planting anything new.

Spring Cleaning

Last but not least is the dreaded spring cleaning, which includes the garage. Many cleaners are poisonous to our pets and should be used sparingly and only when your pet is not around. Ventilate any area where cleaning products are in use, and stash these items in a safe, pet-proof place.

Be particularly mindful about chemicals and automotive fluids, like antifreeze, which are often found in the garage. Even the slightest taste of these chemicals can cause irreversible harm, so play it safe and clean up any spills immediately. Store chemicals in a heavy duty cupboard or locker.

Springtime is a beautiful season that offers many opportunities to enjoy a freshly cleaned home, lovely yard and garden, and all the excitement of the great outdoors. Keep your pet safe this season and beyond with these simple tips. If you’d like more information, please contact our friendly team!