A senior cat.

Generally speaking, kittens are among the most adoptable pets out there. Unfortunately, their desirability hides a painful truth: older cats have a tough time finding new owners. Senior cats are often overlooked by prospective adopters who just can’t resist the cuteness overload of kittens or much younger cats. We understand the attraction to the wide-eyed adorable nature of a kitten, but there are many wonderful reasons to adopt a senior cat instead.

No Fault of Theirs

A senior cat looking for a home didn’t find their way to the shelter by choice. Chances are they were either abandoned or surrendered for reasons far beyond their control. They may have lived their life in the comfort and safety of their owner’s home until some unforeseeable circumstance forced them to become homeless. 

So Much to Give

One of the best motivators for adopting an older cat is that you won’t be saddled with surprises. While a kitten is still working out their personality and behavior patterns, a senior cat operates under well-established guidelines. They know exactly what they like, and when. Plus, they don’t get the zoomies at 3 a.m., and are unlikely to spray or mark inside the home. Their days of scratching up furniture or biting ankles are long gone, and they are more likely to want to snuggle and watch birds through the window (or hang out in a catio). 

Been There, Done That

Senior cats aren’t necessarily drawn to wandering the neighborhood. Even spayed or neutered young cats try to escape the confines of their homes and find themselves in trouble. Whether you’re trying to prevent loss or separation, injury, or exposure to contagious diseases, senior cats make it easy. While they will be motivated to patrol their newfound indoor territory with conviction, senior kitties are relatively content to just hang around indoors.

Health and Happiness

All pets require time and attention, but a senior cat’s care is typically straightforward. They’ve already been spayed or neutered, have a microchip, are litter box trained, and up to date on all their vaccinations and parasite prevention medication. 

Of course, as they age, it’s important to stay in front of developing health problems. Age-appropriate nutrition is crucial to their health, daily enrichment, and close time with their people are also essential pieces to the puzzle. We can help you care for your senior cat with routine exams every six months.

Just Like That

One of the best reasons to adopt a senior cat is the fact that you’ll be saving a life. What’s more, senior cats know they are being rescued, and seem to “repay” their new owners with extra love, affection, and great behavior. In other words, they sense that you’re doing something incredible for them and they want to return the favor.

Adopt a Senior Cat ASAP!

The numbers of homeless pets are simply staggering. While baby or young pets tend to find their forever homes pretty quickly, senior cats may languish inside shelters for much longer. 

If you have any questions or concerns about whether or not you should adopt a senior cat, please give us a call at (704) 334-4684.