Responsible pet owner.

Being a responsible pet owner goes beyond just meeting an animal’s basic needs for food and shelter. The best pet parents take the time to bond, create a safe and comfortable environment, and spend time interacting daily. These qualities hold up whether your beloved animal has fur, feathers, or scales. Wondering how you measure up? Look for these signs that your pets are happy, healthy, and safe.

Your Pet Has Great Manners

Whether your companion is a cat, dog, bunny, or bird, understanding a few key commands allows pets to interact with other people and animals in safe and enjoyable ways. This is particularly important with children and guests who come into your home. Obedience training and teaching tricks also provides mental stimulation for pets and is a terrific bonding experience. 

Your Pet Has Healthy Teeth

Dogs and cats are prone to problems with tartar, plaque and gum disease. Rabbits have fast-growing teeth and need to chew fibrous food like grass hay to keep them at an appropriate length. Even reptiles need oral care to avoid issues like mouth rot. 

Your Pet is a Healthy Weight

Being in a healthy weight range is one of the best indicators of overall health for a pet. When an animal’s body is bigger than it should be, it can lead to health problems like painful joints, diabetes, or fatty liver disease. Being overweight can decrease life expectancy. A healthy weight is a great sign that an animal is getting balanced nutrition and the right amount of movement and enrichment. Even pet turtles need exercise! 

Your Home is Pet Friendly

While having a kennel or a cage is important for nearly all pets, it’s also essential that there are other safe spaces in your home for your pet to live, play, and rest. For a pet-friendly home, keep the trash can closed, put away dangling cords and wires, and lock up chemicals and cleaners.

You are Prepared for Emergencies

Unexpected events, whether related to health or finances or both, are part of pet-parent life. From torn dew claws to flash flood warnings, responsible pet owners are prepared to take care of their pets in any situation. A well-stocked first-aid kit, knowledge of an all-hours emergency vet, and savings or pet insurance to cover unexpected costs are some key ways to make sure you’re ready for anything. 

The staff at Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care are here to support you in being the best pet parent you can be. From wellness visits to around-the-clock emergency care to behavioral concerns, we’re here to help you through it all.