Creepy cat.

Cats appear to be tapped into some next-level cosmic enterprise, but it’s equally possible that they’re just chilling out, living in the moment. Why humans project so much depth and mystery onto cats is not fully understood, but it’s a fact that the feline species absolutely captivate us. That being said, there are some relatively creepy cat behaviors that utterly unnerve the uninitiated and we’re here for it.

Anybody Home?

Have you ever had a staring contest with your cat? We’d be willing to bet that they won, paws down. But what’s behind the feline trait of boring holes into you with their diamond-sharp eyes? Depending on the rest of their body language, staring can be a display of dominance or aggression. However, if they sprinkle a few slow blinks in there, they are showing affection and trust. 

Alternatively, cats like to avoid eye contact when they want space and solitude. Show your cat respect by yielding to their preferences, no matter how mercurial. 

From Me, To You

Of all the creepy cat behaviors, the act of leaving dead prey on your doorstep ranks pretty high. Of course, your cat doesn’t know how gross or sad you might find this. They are just thinking that you don’t know how to hunt for your own food, and they’re doing you a solid favor by treating you to theirs. These tokens of acknowledgment might mean that you’re a member of their group. Congratulations!

If you don’t love being a recipient of their generosity, place a bell on their collar to alert their prey. 

I Was Using That…

Cat owners recognize the struggle of sharing space with attention-grabbing felines. They are pros at taking over your space and attention until you forget entirely what you were even doing before they interrupted you. While not outwardly creepy in nature, their powers of distraction are positively occult. 

We dare you: try to type on your keyboard while your cat is nearby. Before you know it, their belly will be all over those keys.

Who, Me? Nope!

Creepy cat behaviors must include the sneaky feline trait of nudging cups or mugs off surfaces. Is this for the simple pleasure of watching them fall? Hearing them break? Observing your anger or frustration? All of the above are possibly true. However, cats may simply like the law of cause and effect, and knowing that they have the power.

Gross, Fluffy Pants!

Have you ever witnessed your cat’s proclivity for grass or other non-toxic greenery? Sure, they might simply like the taste, or, perhaps more likely, they are eating it to create a vomitous reaction. Why do cats intentionally make themselves throw up? Because they can! 

While this is a relatively normal cat behavior, it can also quickly cross a line into dangerous territory. Always monitor your cat’s behavior and let us know if there are frequent bouts of vomiting.

Creepy Cat Behaviors for the Win

There are so many creepy cat behaviors. The bottom line is that every cat is unique, and it’s up to each cat owner to determine if their cat’s behavior warrants veterinary intervention.

If we can help you out with any questions or concerns about feline health, please give us a call at (704) 334‑4684. Our veterinarians are always here for your cat.