A cat wearing a diaper

At Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care, we know that leaving your pet behind when you go out of town can be stressful under any circumstance. They are your family too, and you want them to have the best of care.

When you have pets with medical problems, things can become even more complicated. That is why we offer quality medical boarding services for animals with all sorts of needs and issues, including boarding for pets with urinary issues. 

Boarding for Pets With Urinary Issues

When urinary problems exist, they can make caring for a pet a bit more complicated. Animals with conditions such as kidney disease may need to urinate more frequently than an average pet, while those with urinary incontinence due to age or other issues may need extra attention to prevent things like urine scald. Some pets, such as cats prone to urinary tract disease, may need to be closely monitored to be sure that they are able to urinate normally. 

When these types of concerns exist, you need expert and quality care such as that provided by the team at Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care

Our boarding for pets with urinary issues includes:

  • More frequent potty breaks or litter box cleanings as needed
  • Bedding checks and changes as required
  • Diaper changes as needed
  • Attention to water intake and urine output to ensure everything is okay
  • Spot cleaning or bathing of the pet as needed
  • Observation of the skin, especially around the urinary area, to be sure that it is dry and non-irritated
  • Reliable and accurate administration of medications as needed
  • Veterinary attention if your pet should require it

When it comes to caring for pets with urinary problems, attention and time are key. You definitely want someone knowledgeable and caring to be in charge of your pet. 

Help Us Exceed Your Expectations

As with all things in pet care, when we work together as a team, we can expect the best results. Your cooperation in helping us be successful when it comes to boarding for pets with urinary or other issues is absolutely critical. 

Be sure to:

  • Take the time to fill out our medical boarding questionnaire
  • Bring along enough of your pet’s medication(s)
  • Alert us to your pet’s normal needs and routine
  • Clearly label any blankets, bedding, or toys that may need to be washed
  • Provide plenty of diapers or potty pads if your pet utilizes them
  • Inform us as to your wishes should bathing or veterinary attention be required

Our team will do our very best to ensure that your pet’s stay with us is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with specific questions or concerns about your pet. We will do our best to provide quality care for your four-legged family member, no matter the concern.