pets showing affection.

Making pets feel loved and appreciated is just part of being a responsible pet parent, and while pets might not use words to express their affection toward us, our furry family members speak their own love language—and it’s up to us to listen.

At Animal Medical Hospital & Urgent Care, we know that bonding with your pet is important, so we’re here to help pet families understand the love language of pets.

Listen to Pet Body Language

When it comes to how pets express love, pet body language holds the key. Pay attention to the following four signs of pet affection, and nothing will get lost in translation.

  1. Cuddles and Kisses and Biscuits, Oh My!

Carving out cuddle time with their favorite human is one of the most obvious ways your pet says, “I love you.” Does your cat love to nap on your lap? Does your dog nudge his way into a tight spot on the couch just to be close to you? With the rest of the home at their disposal, your pets choosing to be near you means you’re something special in their eyes.

And speaking of cuddle time, when your canine companion adds a few slobbery kisses or your favorite feline begins biscuit making, it means their love for you is next-level! 

  1. They Whisper “Words” of Affection

Some signs of pet affection are vocal ones, particularly when it comes to cats. When a cat’s motor starts to hum, that means she’s perfectly content with her home and human, and she wants you to know it. Likewise, some pups will react with excited yips when their favorite humans enter the room. These verbal signs of pet affection are a common love language of pets and your pet’s way of saying they adore you. 

  1. They’ve Become Your Shadow

Some pets just need to be near their favorite people, even in “private” parts of the house. When it comes to how pets express love, this one can be equally endearing and concerning at the same time. If your pet seems anxious when you walk away, he might be experiencing separation anxiety. But an otherwise well-adjusted pet who shadows you all day long is just saying, “You’re the best!”

  1. They Come Bearing Gifts

Some pets just love gift-giving all year long. If your cat plops a present—real or fake—at your feet, she’s eagerly sharing her success and seeking your appreciation. Likewise, a dog will deliver gifts like toys, slippers, and socks to gain your attention and affection. 

Understanding Pet Behavior

Learning how pets express love and how to read pet body language will help strengthen the bond you have with your pet. We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about the love language of pets. Please contact us if you have questions.