pet boardingYou know that unshakable feeling that you’ve forgotten something, like turning off the oven or, like the movie Home Alone, conducting a proper head count? Equally disquieting is the sense that your pet is getting into trouble in your absence or isn’t being cared for in the way they’re accustomed to at home.

Pet boarding is a necessity for owners who need to leave town, but it can be so much more than just a simple place to stay. We’re thrilled to offer a comfortable, safe environment for boarders to call home temporarily. With our add-on services and dedicated staff members, your pet’s every need is met so you can relax!

Did You Know?

Animal Medical Hospital is a 24/7 facility. Our constant availability means that your pet is taken care of whenever they need our help, and this extends to our boarding guests, as well. Doesn’t it feel better to leave your pet in a place that’s always shared with others? Your pet will never be alone, and should they require any medical care, we’re only inches away.

Comfortable Pet Boarding

Camp AMH is designed to make your pet feel safe, comfortable, and happy. We provide meals, bathroom breaks, exercise, and stimulation throughout the day, and pets can relax in their very own suite. In addition, you can opt for extra minutes of recess in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Some pets benefit enormously from also attending a 90-minute play group. Your pet, your choice!

We also host many feline guests. They receive their own kitty condo, complete with a private litter box and bed. Should your cat be a sweet, social pet, you can add on a 20-minute playtime with other cats.

Abounding Extras

In an effort to bring you more convenience, we can also perform a routine wellness check during your pet’s stay if it’s that time of year again.

Additionally, you can treat your pet to special services at our spa. Whether it’s a soothing bath, hair cut, anal gland expression, or nail trim, we can truly pamper your pet. A happy pet is a healthy pet, and with our 100% flea-free guarantee, your pet will return home a satisfied customer.

Tender Loving Care

We value the opportunity to provide our clients with a quality pet boarding experience. Please let us know if you think your pet would enjoy staying with us. As always, we’re available to answer any questions.